Goldfields Screens and Blinds in Maryborough have a huge range of awnings to suit any home or office environment. Awnings can be operated by rope and pulley, a spring roller, crank operated or even motorised. It just depends on the awning and the application. Take a look at our extensive range, including:

  • automatic awnings
  • bistro blinds
  • fixed guide awnings
  • straight drop awnings
  • channel awnings
  • pivot arm awnings
  • folding arm awnings.

For this extensive range of awnings, contact Goldfields Screens and Blinds and Simon or Julie will help you find the perfect awning for your home or office.

Automatic Awnings

For automatic awnings, don’t go past Goldfields Screens and Blinds in Maryborough. The close-fitting design of this versatile and attractive automatic awning makes it an excellent choice for ground floor windows, giving the benefits of privacy and sun protection. Easy function, self-locking arms mean simple shade adjustment and when the sun goes down, the awning...
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Goldfields Screens and Blinds have a range of bistro blinds which allow you to enjoy year round outdoor living. You can turn the outdoors into the indoors with simple and quick roll up outdoor bistro cafe style blinds which feature a rope and pulley for easy operation. Bistro blinds come in a range of standard...
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Channel Awnings

Ask us about our range of Channel awnings at Goldfields Screens and Blinds in Maryborough. Channel awnings give you an instant extension to your room by temporarily enclosing your outdoor area and, in less than a minute, you can have the outdoors back again. These awnings are also known as clear drop down blinds. Popular...
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Pivot Arm Awnings

As part of the Viewscape range we have pivot arm awnings at Goldfields Screen and Blinds in Maryborough. If you need a retractable pivot arm awning that offers heat, glare and UV protection that is perfectly suited to verandahs, upper floor windows and courtyards the pivot arm awning is for you. With simple operation and...
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Fixed Guide

Goldfields Screens and Blinds in Maryborough also supply fixed guide awnings. These are a spring-loaded, cord operated blind excellent for upstairs windows, over a glassed skylight or pergola. The fixed guide awnings come in various fabric awning types from traditional and acrylic canvas to woven PVC coated mesh. The fixed guide awning can be operated...
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Straight Drop

Ask us at Goldfields Screens and Blinds about straight drop awnings in Maryborough. Straight drop awnings are perfect for enclosing pergolas, verandahs, outdoor living areas and restaurants for privacy and sun protection. Available also in clear PVC, straight drop awnings are designed so you can use your outdoor areas all year round without creating a...
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